In my work I can’t and I don’t want to compete with big furniture manufacturers. I make one of a kind pieces, without any compromises or shortcuts. These pieces involve a great deal of time and skilled handwork and techniques that are about to be forgotten. They have no place in times of efficiency and streamlining. But the pieces show the difference and I hope that people who care will recognize and appreciate these efforts. For some pieces I've made a rough estimate of the hours involved. This, together with the fact that these pieces will last for generations, maybe puts the prices in perspective.


If you are interested in one of the pieces, have the need for slightly different dimensions or a precious piece of wood you wish to become something useful and beautiful, contact me.

The prices below are only for orientation. The final price will always be agreed on for every commission separately.


Open Showcase: 8000 Euro (approx. 700 hours)

Oak Showcase: 8500 Euro (approx. 750 hours)

Pear Wall Cabinet: 4500 Euro (approx. 400 hours)

Vidar’s Chair: 3000 Euro (approx. 300 hours)

Kwila/ Pear Wall Cabinet: 4200 Euro

Boxes: ca. 250 Euro

Bowls: 250 – 400 Euro

Etching (incl. Handmade frame): 200 Euro