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Wall cabinet

Pear, Pecan, Rosewood

Height: 63cm  Width: 31cm  Depth: 17cm


With wood, beauty and destruction often are close companions. In the case of the pear wood for this cabinet, the delicate colours were always close to checks and defects. I had to give up the plan to incorporate the colour into the coopered door and decided to use it for the drawer fronts instead. This resulted in a calm outside and a little visual surprise when opening the door. All the dovetails are cut by hand and the drawer fronts are slightly pillowed. They, as well as all the other surfaces, are shaped with fine wooden planes and finished with Shellack and Wax. Shellack barely alters the natural colour and the haptic feel of the wood while still offering a protection for daily use. All the drawers are carefully fit by hand into their pockets and the pulls are worked from finest rosewood and sized according to each drawer. The door opens with a small lip on the side, leaving the outside clean and undisturbed.

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