Starting point for this cabinet were some small pieces of lilac that i wanted to use as drawer fronts. Lilac tends to grow twisted and crack in the process of drying, but the firm and dense wood with its subtle colours is worth almost any effort. I managed to get 6 small drawer fronts out of it, all dovetailed by hand and carefully fit into their pockets. The carcass and the doors are from pearwood, the frames of the doors from Kwila. The fine profiles that run around the top and bottom lighten up the feel of the piece, their shadow lines structuring the piece. A slightly discoloured back panel from a rare piece of service tree (Sorbus torminalis) adds some visual interest without disturbing the calm outside. All the surfaces are handplaned and finished with shellack and wax, not to distort the subtle tones of the woods. A quiet companion in a room and a small and delicate home for the little, precious things we find in our lives.