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Open Showcase

Kwila, Agathis, unknown boatwood, Spanish Cedar

Height: 165cm Width: 56cm  Depth: 33cm

Another homage to James Krenov, who was and is a big influence for me - not only aesthetically but also in his approach to work and wood. The five-sided legs are from Kwila, the light panels of the doors and the drawers from Agathus. For the doorframes and the display surfaces i used an unknown boatwood that someone brought to the school after having it in his schop for many years. Opening the doors releases the distinct smell of spanish cedar. The carcass of the cabinet of built in veneer construction, using thicker shopsawn veneer on a shopmade basswood core. This makes the construction possible, since there is very limited to no wood movement while not compromising the integrity and durability of the piece. The doors are a frame-and-panel construction, as is the back. The pulls and the wooden hardware (little levellers to keep the doors from sagging, wooden door-catches) are from solomon blackwood and handcarved. The open "stage" on the top invites to interact with it more then an enclosed cabinet would. The space rather becomes part of the room, invites interaction, little objects or a bouquet of flowers to remind you that it's spring.

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