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Showcase Cabinet

Brown Oak, White Oak, Bocote

Height: 165cm  Width: 71cm  Depth: 31


This cabinet is based on a piece by James Krenov. I was drawn to the almost aristocratic feel of the piece with its clean, straight facets, the big unbroken surfaces and the glass. The english brown oak used for all the exterior surfaces goes very well with the formal feel of the piece. The interior from white oak matches the outside in texture and feel but adds a bit more light to the inside. The whole cabinet is built using shopsawn veneer on a solid basswood core. The glass is as old as approx. 1910 and has some slight irregularities in it. They only become noticeable while walking past the piece but still help to avoid the "cold" feel of todays perfectely flat glass. Since they are held in place by wooden strips and brass pins, each panel is replacable. The bottom of the upper cabinet is raised to the level of the frame so whatever gets placed on there isn't hidden by the frame. The space underneath is used for a "secret" drawer that is accessible from the back. Pulls and small wooden hardware are from Bocote, the stand from Kwila. The whole cabinet is finished with 7 coats of shellack and a fine synthetic wax.

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